Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big news! We have sneek peeks of the new GOBLIN DEUCE!

We will have a new Steath Black SOLO available soon too. We will offer it as a Launcher only for those that want to build a DEUCE with it.

We may offer a complete DEUCE as well as a kit for players that already have a GOBLIN SOLO.

There is a selector switch on the side to allow you to fire one barrel or both. For players that like to mod their gear the top rail has enough material to tap it for a RIS rail and the barrel tips have enough material tothread them for barrel extensions.

The fore grip and grip will be made in a wood grain plastic. We are going for a good looking simulation and not cheap wood grain. The grip can be used alone for a bigger grip on a SOLO and the bigger grip has a selector switch for the safety.

We will offer the parts individually as well. Pricing has yet to be determined but we want to keep thing lower cost so it's easier to get a GOBLIN!

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  1. The Goblin-Deuce Looks SICK, I cant wait till release. your guys products rocks, Thanks for making an awsome product and new memories on the field.