Monday, October 25, 2010

Place your order NOW for the new GOBLIN DEUCE!

Only 500 DEUCE Sets are coming in for November, so get yours while we've got 'em!

MSRP is only $89.95 for the complete PLAYER'S SET, and $59.95 for the CONVERSION KIT,
so they'll make fabulous Christmas Gifts!

Considerably larger than the SOLO, the new DEUCE feels substantial in the hand, and performs great! We're confident that you're really going to like this product...and so will your customers!

Some of the DEUCE's unique features:

-Modular Design uses the SOLO as the 'Core' (so you can easily convert a SOLO to a DEUCE!)
-Twin Firing-Pin Block with Barrel Selector Switch (can fire one or both barrels!)
-Safety Block Lever allows you to overide the internal thumb safety
-Molded Grip Weight allows you to add more 'heft'
-Solid Barrel 'ends' can be tapped for Barrel Extensions
-Solid Frame Top can be tapped for a R.I.S. Rail
-Longer Barrels dramatically increase the performance potential of the Air Cartridges

The DEUCE is available in 2 different formats:

1) Complete PLAYER'S SET MSRP $89.95

-Assembled DEUCE Marker (with all black frame)
-Two Air Cartridges
-Barrel Sizer Kit
-Revised Air Adaptor
-Fitted Tactical MOLLE Holster (with 4 Cartridge Loops)
-Two O-Ring Kits
-Owner's Manual

2) CONVERSION KIT (for the SOLO) MSRP $59.95

-All the DEUCE Components (**SOLO frame not included)
-Fitted Tactical MOLLE Holster
-Owner's Manual
-Conversion Kit Instructions

If you Got Ball get a GOBLIN SOLO, If you got Balls Get a GOBLIN DEUCE!